Who still does faxing? EZ Money Check Cashing does, and here’s why! Even though faxing may not be as common as it once was but there a times where you may need the service. EZ Money in Davenport, IA is ready to help you fax a doctor’s note to your child’s school or perhaps send documentation for a signature. With faxing, there are a handful of significant benefits. 

When you’re in need of faxing services in Davenport, look to your local EZ Money location. We can send faxes for you! 

  • Faxing is still the required mode for some regulated industries
  • Minimal security interruptions
  • Eliminates the need to upload sensitive information to the worldwide web
  • Provides a hard copy
  • Sending faxes are fast

EZ Money Provides Quick And Easy Fax Services

As the online world becomes more prominent fewer people have access to a fax machine. If you do find yourself need to fax something, just head on down to EZ Money in Davenport. Our financial staff can help you get your document where it needs to go for a minimal charge. Send your faxes with the help of EZ Money!

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